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Romy the Cat

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The “guest musician opinion” syndrome

A few years back I wrote a piece where I was complaining about the unfortunately-common practice among audio people when they fearful of any criticism or censure.


I have to give to audio people – in 90% (I am not kidding!) off all cases they are just too idiotic on the subject to understand, not to mention to interpret, a criticism.  As the result everyone loose opportunity for advancement and self-education. I do not want to talk about it in more depth - the way how many audio people behave/react is in borderline with pathology and they would gladly hear that their kids are ugly then somebody comments that their TT spins slower than 33 rpm.

Well, why I put all of it against in musical forum? Because I for years am getting pissed with the absolutely Moronic attitude of conductors and soloists what they refer about various orchestra. I always hate when during public of private auditions people kiss each other in the ass and worship the Sound they hear and then when everyone goes home they begin to call and to complain how bad it was. However, the very same is taking place with musicians. Each single public commentary they make or an interview that guest conductors or soloists give they admire the sound and the quality of the orchestra that adopted them. However, the orchestra sound like crap, they know it, everyone know it and because no one makes a stand the orchestra is continue to sound like crap. The guest conductors and soloists, who travel and play different gigs are THE people to observe the differences and THE people to raise the voice. Sure everyone would like to be in a good relation, so we have many “friends” but shitty sound from the friendly orchestras. What is important?

Since then the acceptance and sponsorship of mediocrity become the proof of conductor or soloists loyalty and declaration of his “worth”. We have see soloist that transformed orchestras with own performing demands and we had conductors that wherever they play they overrided the default orchestral sound with own sound.   If you do not feel that the orchestras sound/plays not up to the point of your demands then shut up and do not talk about it. Unfortunately gusts musicians have a habit to refer to host orchestra in the same stupid fashion as politicians talk about troops.  Very said and very contra-productive…

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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