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Lyon, France
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Berlioz Requiem / Pavarotti?
Okay I have to confess that I am a Pavarotti fan, especially the overflowing, gushy puccini operas with the overflowing pavarotti.  Along with the bach solo studies for cello, it's one of the reasons I started paying attention to my audio playback quality.  I have evolved from this rather primitive position, and can spend the entire day listening, like romy, to flagstad/wagner, or ferrier/schubert, but I still have this thing for pavarotti, maybe because my dad use to play it in the house when I was younger?

Anyway yesterday in the car I heard Pavarotti in the Berlin Requim(James levine conducting), really liked it, but also realized that I live in France and have never heard this piece before...

Can anyone suggest their favorite version as I am also a bit of a requim nut and this one seems worth pursuing.


R Weissman
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Romy the Cat

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The Requiem and the Pavarotti.

I do not really know the Berlioz’s Requiem well. I think I heard it onece and did not develop any specials taste to it. It might be coming, who knows…

Ironically I have the same feeling for Pavarotti. Sure I heard a lot of him but I never did too much to me. Pavarotti was questionably superbly gifted singer with a phenomenal voice. Still I head a many of his recordings where he took advantage of his stunning vocal capacity and where he did not really was “trying”. I prefer a singer really “tries” to push himself/herself to the boundary of own capacity and to lay down for a role. Then, even the personal aptitude might not be as great as Mr. Pavarotti had but the total result I found is much more appreciateable, at least by me …

I would certainly would not say that whatever Pavarotti did was “shallow”. His easy works were extremely good and I still have and cherish his early recordings, like Rossini’s William Tell from, I think, beginning of 80s … Still, Pavarotti wasn’t for me a person who assured a citrine level of operatic “quality”….

Hey, Ronny of, you a Pavarotti fan then here is a rare gem from my collection. It is surprisingly not early recording but from the end of 90 and Pavarotti sings not with orchestra but accompanied by %100 Casio electronic keyboard- syntesator. However, this seldom example in 90s when Pavarotti did care and you will able to hear the result. It is a song about Caruso I think; the Italian-spiking folks could correct me… It is 16/44 file and you might play it on your regular PC.


The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Lyon, France
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100% Corn Syrup
I love it!!  Thanks Romy.  What a beautiful instrument that guy had, it works with anything, casio, wurlitzer, who cares.  In the Berlioz Requim, which I imagine is a fairly religious setting, I can picture pavarotti singing while regarding the choir to see who he is going to sleep with that night.   I've got to find the casio synth CD for my car.

R Weissman
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