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Excerpt: Beethoven Cello Sonata #4
Every once in a while when I sit and listen to some Internet radio station I have to jump up from the sofa (like a wounded-in-ass-antilope) and record it so I can figure out what recording it was.

Just wanted to share this little excerpt. Sorry for the ads at the end. Smile
Please right-click and download: http://www.webbtjanst.se/temp/KAMU-FM_beethoven_cellosonata4_maisky_argerich.mp3
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Max Shatsky
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Re: Excerpt: Beethoven Cello Sonata #4
I had a luck to listen Maisky performance live, it was worth the whole year subscription to philarmonic.

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Romy the Cat

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Many reflections of Beethoven’s Cello sonatas.

I never heard them live. Martha Argerich is still performing live but it is imposable to catch her as she cancels whatever she can cancel. The Beethoven’s Cello Sonata are “big” and as many other thing many different people plays them differently. I do not think that there are “best” of them….

The Argerich always was strange. She of could a phenomenal performer but she quite frequency was unnecessary overly expressive, almost up to the point of being showy. If you like Beethoven’s Cello Sonata then sometime try other people play them. Try for instance:

Richter and Rostropovich
Du Pre and Bareboim
Fournier and Kempff or Schnabel or Gulda
Casals and  Serkin or Horszowski
Starker and  Sebok
Bylsma and Bilson

There are many sounds of the Beethoven’s Cello sounds… It well worth to find many of it’s reflections…

The caT

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Planet Earth
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or... Cohen and Coin - one of the most inspired cd's I've ever heard...

everybody used to call me James in my past other-worldly life.
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