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Paul S
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The "NEW T.H.E Show", 2019?
If you believe what you read, THE Show 2019 will happen at the Long Beach Hilton this year, June 7th, 8th, & 9th.  OK, maybe if you do not read into what you read.  While I actually wish them well, I am not encouraged by the website, and I am discouraged by the blog.  In fact, the sense of foreboding I got at THE Show last year has slumped into a sort of discouraged resignation, at least as far as "The Industry" is concerned.  For all the nonsense that prevailed at shows, there was always something of some interest, and my sense was that shows were at least a chance to compare different ideas about music, recording, and sound propagation.  When you consider the population and the money "targeted" by THE Show, it is all the more "concerning" that this appears to be "it" for over 20 million people in this part of the world.  Or am I missing something?



Paul S
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