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Hi from Melbourne, Australia
Hi everyone. This being my first post on this forum, I thought i'd say hi and share a little bit about my journey in audio. I have been an audiophile for 25 years and owned several systems starting off with a modest Nad lifestyle system & Infinity Reference 3 speakers, right up to my current Vitus system comprising Vitus/Magico/Jorma/Stillpoints. Each step has been a learning experience, more or less finding out what sounds good to me & working hard to achieve my goals.

Recent additions to my system include my Vitus SCD-025 (which benefited from a major update in Q1), 2015, Jorma Statement sc's, Stillpoints Ultra 6's + Ultra bases (extensive), Furutech GTX-D(g) wpo & re-terminated Jorma Prime pc's which have provided a significant uptick in sound. I have another major update planned around the end of the year, but for now i'm just enjoying the music. Here are a couple of photos of my current rig below. Anyway, looks like an interesting place. See you around the forums!


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