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Romance, Food & Mahler
Last night a small group of friends gathered for a pre-concert celebration of a couple whose relationship began with an "idea" that was initiated three years ago today. This couple eventually married, produced a son who shall become heir apparent of a controversial audio system. But I diverge! After our group enjoyed a delightful dinner at the Ginger Station Thai restaurant in Boston, we were treated to a concert program (courtesy of a violist w/Boston Philharmonic) performing Strauss' Fruhlingssimmer (Voices of Spring). Beautifully sung by Aga Mikolaj. This was quite soothing to us Bostoners enduring the travails of historic winter snowfall.  The program concluded with Mahler's sym #4. Wonderfully performed and beautifully sung by the gorgeously attractive Mikolaj.

All in all a gratifying experience of good food, warm friendships, and great live music.

Best wishes to all,

"It's like an act of murder; you play with the intent to commit something"--Duke Ellington
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