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Scientific vs. audio activity
All my (so far not so long) professional life I've been a scientist (on a theory side rather than experiment)
and I've noticed an interesting analogy between my scientific and audio (in a narrow sense below) activity.

Scientist in the modern world must write publications. This is how our work is assessed, this is a basis of applying for a job,
reporting a grant or trying to get a new one. This is an undispensable part, which some love and happily write 10 (toilet) papers per year,
and some hate and do it only because they have to. I'm more on the latter side: putting it very simply "either you write or you think".
It is more complicated than a simple catchy phrase (I do try to put myself in a more coherent state while writing), but most
good-to-outstanding scientists I know agree that writing is a very mechanistic activity, very unplesant if lasts too long.

I have observed the same happens with me with a construction of audio. I do it only because I have to.
When I'm in a construction mode it's not unlike in the writing mode: I do "mechanistic" things, think of how to choose and place the parts,make a good joint, how to route the signal, the fucking ground etc etc. And this is in my case means a severe atrophy
of higher order and long-wave thinking, for example I almost completely give up ciruit development (apart from +/- ad hoc improving of what I'm making at the moment) when I'm in the construction mode. Prolonged absence of this long-wave, more holistic thinking processes does piss me off substancialy and I hate soldering as much as writing. Is it only me so un-elastic or does it happen to more people?

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