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Romy the Cat

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An air compressor and TT.

 This post might be called “the surprise of a new suburban idiot” and it will be not too far from truth.  Still the whole idea gives me some much pleasure that I would share it, no matter how pathetic it I for a person who live in suburbs for a while.

Before I live in center city – you know that live style when you buy a pair of shoes and you need to trash the old one because there is no space to store it…. The new place is in the suburb is big and allow to accumulate a lot of worthless junk. Looking as my carpenter used his air power tools during construction of my horns I asked myself why do to get a compressor for myself? It is useful to blow the irrigation system or to blow pool’s pipes before the pool closing. So, I go one, big and ugly, 21 gallon and 3HP, nothing special or dramatic…

If you see me buoying power tool and run it from my compressor then you are mistaken. I run a long cable from it and use air for my playback and the most important the turntable.

I use to buy those outrageously expensive air-cans bit a large compressor with a good blower is so much more fun. It strong and it does not blow oil (at least now). It is not the stupid Zerostat gun that I never “get”. If this thing cleans a surface then it truly clan and the dirt flies 20 feet away.

I do not use the compressor’s air on the LPs yet, I probably will put some kind of extra filtration  on the line and add some unti-statick injection but even to blow the TT space make it VERY effective. My TT never lived in dirt but I am tell you that it now my TT in much cleaner environment. I have a cleaning lady who help me sometimes but I ask her do not deal with audio equipment. In fact I told her that my Water Drop tweeters are radioactive and she can tune unfertile if she go close to them.  Thanks God she does not even go to the side of the room where equipment live. So, the  air compressor is truly God-sent and it allow me to blow dust to “her” side of the room.

Who could believe that such a simplistic thing would give me so much pleasure!

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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