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Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra

Today it was a phenomenal broadcast from Tanglewood! Kurt Masur led the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra with all Brahms program: Piano Concerto No. 2 with Garrick Ohlsson and the Symphony No. 2. To insult the injury the WGBH precluded the live broadcast with a few days ago recording of Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos leads Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra playing the Stravinsk’s Firebird Suite.  All of the performances were very good. Here is a 100Meg fragment in 88/24 with end of the Piano Concerto’s second movement.


The Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra sound way more interesting then BSO but everyone knows about BSO and no one knows about TMC Orchestra:

http://www.bso.org/bso/mods/toc_01_gen_noSubCat.jsp?id=bcat5240076   (with good video)

I uses do not go in Tanglewood. I do not like to sit in the MassPike Lenox’s exit for an hour and really hated the screen of the people at Tanglewood.

Still, behind all of that hotdogs chewing audiences there is a great in my view orchestra. I wish they release their recordings more widely. TMC has one CD out with very good Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4


I wish they had more…

The Cat

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