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Post Subject: The Avicenna's failure is the great Avicenna success!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/3/2009

The readers of my site who are frustrated about audible quality of electricity are familiar with a very clever electricity processor called “Avicenna” that I mentioned in the “It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity” thread. Who missed it and have interest can get it via search:

It turns out that Avicenna absolutely flawlessly and absolutely naturally cures electricity from all imaginable distortions and noises and feeds equipment with an absolutely perfect sinusoid.  It is also turns out the Avicenna has absolutely no impact of sound – whatever good or bad it was it sound absolutely the same after the Avicenna. So, according to all measures the Avicenna failed to do it’s jobs: who need a power processor that does not affect sound? So, why do I discard Avicenna as a success? Well, Avicenna proves that distortion and noises of power lines have absolutely no relation with auditable characteristics of electricity.

There are many other factors that point out to this conclusion. Avicenna outputs let say no distortions but has zero impact to sound. What does it say? It says that Avicenna is perfectly designed and executed to deal ONLY with distortion and do not affect anything else, that might be in fact affective to quality of sound. Did you pay attention that if during those 2-3 days per year when you system sound perfect powered from the wall you actual electricity has the very same amount of distortions as during the rest of the year? I would not even mention the fact that we use rectified DC in our electrical components and any residue of AC problems on the amp’s output is at million dBs down then the distortions of amplifiers or loudspeaker.

So, I think that there is something else and I dedicate this thread to this “something else”.  There is something else that is NOT distortions or harmonics of AC career. Let the hypothesis of this there be the believe that if our power correction or regenerating devises do improve sound then they do it not because they correct sinusoid but because they do accidently do something else. What would it be? I do not know now and I did not see anybody ever this about it. Let it to be changed.

I think the conceptualizing of the hypothesis above is the main accomplishment and the main triumph of the Avicenna power possessor.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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