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Post Subject: APS Purepower 2000: some conclusionsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/24/2008

Well, I have post able a number of articles about different aspects of Purepower 2000 operation and sound. I could make a few more but I think it is enough for now. I would like to drop a few general observation and conclusion.

It was a good sign the APS changed the name of their company from “Audiophile Power Supply” to “Audio Power Supply” – a good move indeed. The new result that APS PurePower 2000 demonstrated is very exiting but it is hard to say if it is not an accident. The APS does not recognize the sonic difference with their former model, that is in my view is an indication that they have no idea what they do and the in my view success with PP2000 might be not conscious. So, from this perspective it is necessary to see what would be the APS’s next move.  I for instance would like to see a 3kW version that in my view shell work better in my playback. The more sophisticated power monitoring instrument panel is something that I would be exited as well, even thought who care about the power monitoring is the sound is right? The most important is to see if the APS will be able to lock the successes with PurePower 2000. Considering an alleged low quality control on the APS side I hate to see that a new production run of PP2000 unit that will not sound as my current unit does. From this perspective I would be very much hesitant to ship my PP2000 if the ASP found a fix for the “Nervousness Distortions” that I have mentioned above.  After a six “Random Combustion Units” and “Random Sound” that I had I would like do not trouble troubles….

There is something else about this “Nervousness Distortions”. Unquestionably it is a fault of a bad des but I am not sure that it is not something that accidently acts as a mild dither, keeping the right envelop but softening the summit of the wave. I truly would hate to see a situation when the “Nervousness Distortions” is fixed but sound got worst.

With all success of the PP2000 regenerator it still does not answers the major question – what is power line hurts sound. Distortions and HF noise? I do not really know but I do not think so. It would be very interesting to put the coming Avicenna regenerator next to PP2000. The Avicenna has distortion at sub 0.1% level and many other objective parameters are order of magnitude superior to PP2000. In addition Avicenna is indifferent to load, absolutely indifferent, not even acknowledges it. It will be a huge fun to see if Avicenna will blow PP2000 in operation but loss to PP2000 in sound. At this point I have started to think about deliberate sonic requirements that I would like Avicenna to fulfill above what PP2000 does not do. There not a lot in my mine now but I am sure that in a few weeks my euphoria about the PP2000 will subside and I will discover (or not) specific regions that I would like to have enhanced. Will the Avicenna be the answer? I do not know and this point, I do not know even if will be able to compete with PP2000.

Are any specific concerns that I have with PP2000? Yes, there are. The sound coming through the PP2000 is less fine-personalized. I mean if to look at the 5 strikes of triangle with PP2000 and without it then the sounds without PP2000 have better sense of the triangle martial and each strike sounded less generic. The same is with the sound of the king of musical instruments - my beloved bass-clarinet. With direct power lines sound of bass-clarinet is an array million of microtones what each microtone has own character. With PP2000 the bass-clarinet more feel like as “standard” bass-clarinet with microtone are less distinctive and the note to note has less attitude. I need to worn that it is very little effect but it was there. I said “was” because it was detect at the very first day and as time went by and the unit was working the effect was resided very dramatically and now practically not there. The very similar effects takes place when the  PP2000 is switched from battery to power-lines, then the “Nervousness Distortions” play in the game – I do not know if the “Nervousness Distortions” have accidently positive or negative effect. As, the unit operated now I am willing to discard my concern about PP2000’s residual tendency to “generalize sounds” as I feel that it might be related to some transient challenge of the new PP2000’s softness. If I will be able to make my S2 driver to sound harder (I need more gain then I have now) then I feel I will be able to offset this “generalization tendency” as I think it is not the “generalization” itself but rather not “enough discrimination” die to the blurred transients.

This is all immediate thoughts that I have about the APS PurePower 2000 regenerator. As you see it is an interesting machine that came at good time in my playback and my experiments with DHT for MF that I was planning last year came together very along with the PP2000’s softness.

It looks like the PurePower 2000 resolves the problem with electrify once and for good, let see if Avicenna can push this envelop further. Still, in my view the greatest accomplishment of APS PurePower 2000 regenerator is not even the Sound it produces but a certain stage on mind. Listing the sound of my installation driven from PP 2000 I asked myself a question: “Ok, Romy! Now, since the problems with electricity it looks like are gone what else to blame if the Sound of playback is not what you want like it to be?”

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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