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Post Subject: APS Purepower 2000: Sound #6 and plugging techniques.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/23/2008

This is very interesting subject that gave me a lot of head ache until I figured the things out.

It is known that I have aversion to ground that comes with mains. It is very dirty, so a few years back I drove 15 feet copper poll in pretreated backyard’s earth and it is my ground. My audio dedicated lines do not even bring the main’s ground to my home.

Now the PP2000 comes to the picture. The PP2000 is ugly, dirty, impulse devise that dose a lot of foul work inside and therefore it shell has a path to ground to drain out own filth. I would not plug the PP2000 without ground, what it outputs back to the main’s ground I do not care.

The lifting ground on the PP2000’s output side is very different story – it shell be done in respect how given system is organized and what and how the playback’s components are used in reference to system’s ground and in reference to the PP2000 itself. I have to note that PP2000 is so picky for AC phase and for AC voltage between own ground and external ground that it is scare. If you flip the output AC phase on PP2000 then the sound reminds like somebody cut with a slow running chainsaw my still attached bare bone…

I experimented a lot with combination of different components of my system plagued into PP2000 and into my dedicated lines. Different elements of my system have different power supplies and differently react to bad electricity. I was trying to found a good combination between plugging into PP2000 and plugging to dedicate lines, listing ground at different point. I did it a lot, listening, measuring and I finally I realized that I was not able to get the sound that I want. It always had had corrupted one of other aspect of sound and it never came together. Imaging in particularly was very bad as the horizontal move of wave was very contrived. Whoever I treed did not work, the sound was good quality in some cases but imaging never was unnatural. Some of my LIVE FM recordings with phenomenal imaging had kind of inverted, corrupted, collapse imaging and on some case even monophonic imaging. Eventually I discovered that the cause of it was minute AC voltage deference between grounds/neutrals of the components.

Then I decided to trey something radical. I plugged everything into the damn PP2000 and nothing into my dedicated lines. That worked like magic – it though the perfect imaging. So, as now I have each component that is connected to signal (do not forget that I run the whole installation in single-ended mode), all my 19 power cords plugged right into PP2000 with no ground lifted. So, effectively I am connected now to main’s ground, still I love the sound. My dedicated ground and my 3 dedicated power lines are just … empty. The only element that I did not plug to PP2000 is my DAW, I still thinking about it and I need to do some measurement of what DAW’s PS retie back to the power course.

The Cat

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