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Post Subject: APS Purepower 2000: Sound #5Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/23/2008

Upper range effect is amassing, though not much different then with other regenerators. With PS Audio’s Power Plant the compression at MF-HF is also reduced or eliminated and that ugly heavy dense pressure blanket got lifted. The Power Plant while do it brings some very unpleasant “generisism” into upper MF, something like a wide-band resonance that makes any music that hit 6K-9K to have “it”. The PP2000 has nothing like this as it “Does not fuck your Sound”.

The compression level drops very dramatically and it is feels like the playback begin to sound less loader. With PP2000 I can play 5-6dB lauder then my normal listening level and sound does not feel loud at all. The crescendo stresses go way less painful. I say “painful” not accidently. Everyone knows how unpleasant compression at 90dB. The same compression at 110dB actually creates almost painful aggressive effect.  Many times at my site I proposed that the “bite” of compression drives is not because the compression drives but because they are driven by bad signal.

Here is the case to proof the point: with Macondo-Milq drive with “good electricity” the compression drives bite is gone completely. I might be in axis of the MF horn and at full 1.5W of power but the speaker does not “lock me out”. It just plays loud but with no unpleasant feeling commonly associated with over-loud horn presentation.

Changing volume does just changing volume of but does not shifts compression across the range. Very different feeling! I had the same effect approximately 2-3 times per year. Now I have it all time. Very cool and I look forward to abuse it.

HF. Truly beyond believes! If you carefully read my articles about my “Water Drop” tweeter then you know that it meant to be 109dB sensitive ribbon with objectives to learn if the pain and efforts of doing for high sensitivity tweeter is justifiable in HF.  With all my extreme satisfaction on the “Water Drop” result you might read the following “The need to pressure for 109dB sensitively is arguable” in there

The “Water Drop” is 109Db, so the Macondo109Db but I used “Water Drop” at 102dB -103dB, not able to go any higher as it was just too bright. Now, with use of PP2000 on duty I reset the “Water Drop” tweeter to operate at 107dB and it does very good. Even if I go at 109dB at “Water Drop” then sound does not become too bright. The level of the tweeter with cured electricity does not obey anymore more the rule “wherever it stop to be bad” but rather it follow the rule “wherever I would like it to be”. Very-very good! I was so excited about it that I even told the RAAL’s Alex about the new “Water Drop” operation modus.

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