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Post Subject: APS Purepower 2000: Sound #4Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/23/2008

The PP2000, eventually(!!!!), demonstrated something that I was looking for long time.  Years after year I read and listen comments of different audio people when they describe benefits of different power treatment devises and year after year they use the same comments:

“The background has become “blacker”, the separation of instruments has improved, the notes pot up from “dead-silent” surrounding”

The Morons write it and read it and found the described characteristic of sound as some kind of evidence of virtue. It always puzzled me as I always recognized the “dead-silent background” and isolation of instruments as the evidence of crapy electronics screw up harmonic fabric of sound. I always ran away from this “blacker background sound”. The “blacker background sound” is a properly of barbaric playback objective, not the characteristic that exists in nature. Listen around yourself now – whatever you do you never have dead-silent background, the acoustic ambiance is always there – there is nothing wrong with it. The Morons invented for themselves a stupid world of fictional artificial objectives and the silent background is just one of them…

I never appreciated the silent backgrounds or tonal pitches that sting like killer bees and I never understood why the idiots out there consider it as an evidence of audio quality. Now I have a partner that thinks and acts in regards to the “silent backgrounds” in the very same way  as I do – the PurePower 2000 regenerator. I am not kidding. The PP2000 make the background “louder” and more prominent. The question is what is painted on this background. With open power lines there is a lot of depersonalizing noise on the background and listening consciousness, as soon it reaches the level where noise starts, it kind of turn itself to discard information. The isolation transformers that I tired the PS Audio’s Power Plant do clean the noise but they also proportionally with noise sink the ambiance of sound and the low level harmonics.

The Purepower 2000 doe very different thing. It looks like it eliminate noise but it keeps harmonics intact. Since the perceivable noise threshold is dropping and listening awareness has a space to do under the bottom the subjective feeling from ambiance get more acute. This makes to feel that the background is not dark but actually loud almost screamy and saturated with zillion micro events – a characteristic that I always wanted but never was able to accomplish. The Purepower 2000 does it and it does it not only “somewhere” but across the whole frequency range - a very noble and well executed duty in my view!

The Cat

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