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Post Subject: APS Purepower 2000: Sound #1Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/22/2008

I appreciate audio devices that instead of demonstration of own qualities force you to think about sound. The new Purepower 2000 is turning to be such a devise. I have so many ideas and so many thoughts with the sound the 2000 produces that I truly surprised me. Today spending many hours with my new regenerator and listening music I could not hold myself laughing as many times I caught myself acknowledging that this or that aspect of sound was exactly how I always insisted it shell be. It was like being an orphan and suddenly to discover own parents…

There is such a huge leap between Purepower 1050 and 2000 that they do not even appear to be the regenerators from the same company. The 1050 was about a perfect texture. The 2000 is about softness – it was absolutely not expected by me from a class “D” operating regenerator. Sure, the word “softness” explains very little in literal sense – so, let me to keep as a “code word” – I will explain it later. I will not post well-thought summarizing article about Purepower 2000 sound - I do not have time to “work” on it. I will instead post a number of random short articles with different atomic observations in regards to the Purepower 2000’s sound. It will be more fan and less abusive for me.

In meanwhile, I do not know if the APS people know and read my site but if they do then here is a practical advice for them. The APS has no company slogan. After spending those 4 days with Purepower 2000 unit I might propose APS to adopt my proposal: “We do not fuck-up your Sound.”  As far as my familiarity with power treatment devises concern I know no one other power company or product that might be entitle to use this slogan.

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