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Post Subject: Purepower 2000: Operation: DC component follow up.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/22/2008

 Romy the Cat wrote:
There was a moment once want I drove one of my Milq from Purepower 2000 and with all perfect operation parameters on Milq and on Purepower the Milq’s transformer were hissing like crazy.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
DC component.  To my big surprise the unit pushes out 0.42VDC. It is in a pair of what open power line has but the PurePower is a regenerator, where the DC is coming from it? A big red flag as it had to be tested by APS.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
Generally, with exception of DC component and … the PurePower 2000 looks like does what it meant to do, but even with DC component and Nervousness Distortions is does the job.

OK, I need to post a correction as there was some factual inaccuracy in my article above regarding the Purepower generated DC component. This problem DOES NOT EXISTS and I reported it due to my faulty measurement techniques and partially die to my luck of familiarity with the unit. I admit that, I was a Moron.

Here are some facts.

1) My Fluke 87III millimeter apparently has a bug about witch I did not know: measuring a very low DC voltage with a strong AC voltage it reads incorrect DC.

2) The PurePower 2000 has DC offset attenuator that allows setting DC at Zero if it was there

3) The hissing nose that I reported from Milq’s transformers (all toroidal - easy to saturate with DC) come when I tuned the DC offset attenuator with knowing that it changes the DS offset, I was told initially that it stability the wave stability.

4) I did reset the Purepowers’ DC from component to zero. I took my current probe and driving a scope made the current wave absolutely symmetrical. Shell I mention that “suddenly” the Milq’s transformers turned to be silent?

5) The zero DC with my load has happened to be right in the middle of the Purepowers attenuator – very cool.

Anyhow, the DC component with this regenerator does not look as a problem at all. BTW, I spoke with APS people and they admitted that the reported “Nervousness Distortions” is the problem and that it shell not be there. They promise to find a fix.

AT THE LARGER SCALE: I feel phenomenal about my electricity battle. The Purepowers is getting burned in a bit and getting to sound better and better. I think this week I will start to post some comments about it sound. It looks that it will be my first good brake through in by electricity suffering. Furthermore, the Dima’s Avicenna regenerator was send to me second time, the first time the Russian custom did not allow it to export it from that stupid country. I think between the load-indifferent Avicenna and the truly marvelously sounding Purepower 2000 I will spot to be bothered by electricity.

The Cat

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