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Post Subject: Not Another Beta?Posted by Paul S on: 12/22/2008
Very interesting.

Romy, this one looks "better", but the scope traces and noise specs you cite still make me wonder if APS actually have static design/QC criteria, because it looks like they they just work on something for a while, then start selling it, a la Ms.

I hope you will break with tradition this time and try phono stages and some combinations of front end gear (like the Placette...) and amps, in order to check whether the unit effectively isolates or somehow prevents or precludes inter-component and/or self-noise in "normal" audio installations.

I recall thinking about the 1050 that you were determined to somehow adapt the unit and make it work for something, and of course I hope that this thing also serves you in some "interesting" way.  At the same time, I still have a hard time intellectually with both the clearly pulsed traces and the (presumed) digital clock/signal (sine wave) generation, based on the usual digital noise I am familiar with, along with my yet-unresolved general audio digi-phobia, at least as it relates to especially bothersome noise and/or myriad dis-continuities.

You did not say if you measured neutral and ground wire noise, but since the unit has the typical nasty backwash, it might be a good idea for anyone using one to be sure that there are no common neutral/ground busses in their AC systems that are downstream of the main service box.

Best regards,
Paul S

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