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Post Subject: The power AC Outlets?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/31/2008

I have written before that Dima is at the finish line with his new power treatment invention.

BTW, Dima’s regenerator has a new name Avicenna Power Device and it is how it will be refered in future.

Anyhow, thinking about packaging the Avicenna I came across thinking about power AC receptacles that I might used with Avicenna regenerator. I do presume that AC Outlets might make difference. When a few years back I run my dedicated power lines I used some kind of premium AC Outlets that I bought from audio tweaker dealer and  I have no idea if it was good or bad. The dedicated power lines altogether sound fine and I did not experimented with AC receptacles.

Since I need a lot of AC Outlets for Avicenna Power Device (in case the Avicenna will sound right) then I begin to quest what power outlets I might use. I do not mind to pay more for better outlet, if they are actually sonically better.  If anyone have experiment with this subject then let me know your observations.

Thinking about the power AC Outlets I came across to Colin Smith’s article in Soundstage.

The readers of my blog might think:  here is the Cat bashing Soundstage’s writers again. Well, not really. Colin wrote efforted observation about what he experienced, however after I read it I got at lost even more then before I read it. Colin Smith’s observation set absolutely not point of refers to the actual amplitude of sound change in respect to anything else. I do suppose that change one receptacle to other make SOME difference in sound but according to Colin:

“… each of these outlets offered very noticeable improvement in bass definition, detail retrieval , instrumental layering, and soundstage width and depth. …managed to redefine silence, as backgrounds grew ever darker, until at the end I began to wonder if a black hole might be forming in my wall. “

Hm, so much? If according to Colin the power receptacle impact sound so much then might I presume that a plaback without premium AC receptacles has noticeable deficiencies on bass definition, detail retrieval, instrumental layering, soundstage width and depth, has no silence in background and etc, etc, etc…. Look, look - that that Marc Mickelson with his Wilson drooling was very much misstating about the sound of his Alexandria as he did not use the “special” AC receptacles!

What I am trying to say is that “noticeable improvements” that Colin Smith is trying to recognize might take palace but I think it would be worthy to relate the amplitude of those “noticeable improvements” to something else that has an objective and quantifiable value understood but others. Let say of you use Lamm ML2.0 amp then a change of input tube from Telefunken’s flat pate to ribbed plate has very distinct and very constant change. If to recognize the amplitude of that change as some kind of article of change then all ML2 users might have a point of reference if Colin say something like this:

“each of these outlets offered very noticeable improvement co-measurable with approximately 0.2  of ML2.0’s input tube change”

I also not at ease with Colin Smith’s comments about “improvement in detail retrieval”. There are details and there are details. Not all improvement in detail retrieval are good or positive, Colin says nothing about it and do not put the sonic changes with power outlets in a wider perspective.

Anyhow,  it all look confusing to me and at this point I feel like to get whatever looks sexier to me and discard any sonic recommendations. In fact my own judgment would rather be base not upon sonic but intellectual reasoning. For instance I would like my AC power outlets but be solderable and do not use screws. I have no idea why no one talks about it. Is my desire to solder the AC power outlets are not obviously preferable way to do? The 12 channels’ of Melquiades sack out of AC power outlet 1260W, it is a slightly over 10A continuously (in class A). Would it make a sense do not have a screw in power entity under this current but rather to have the wire’s joint flooded with solder?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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