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Post Subject: Beter installation + more ferretePosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/22/2008


It is obviously that in your installation Lavry and FM are much more isolated then in mine. In fact if your power amp breaks both ground and central wire then when you switch you playback to “Leg B” then digital in not in the picture at all. Even your recorder that pumps to the amp directly is off when your amps are in FM mode. 

 peter foster wrote:
1.  Lavry performs a power supply upgrade for DA-924 units marked as 'db technologies'.  Have you done that upgrade?  I wonder if that upgrade would help mask some of the noise/interference you are receiving.

This update is worthless for the perspective of noise/interference. What I did it Lavry changed front panel and put better rubber under the power transformers. Since it cost me around $650 and Lavry stressed that that the change of the front panel was free I was asking was else was done. They told me that many changed in PS were done in order to make the unit to run cooler. I did not see any changed and asked them to name even one. They were not able to…

 peter foster wrote:
2.  Does your Sansui TU-X1 have the AM section active or did you disconnect/remove it?  I assume that your Sansui TU-X1 has the AM section operational and that, as standard, the TU-X1 is supplying AM and FM output simultaneously.

My TU-X1 has AM section active but I do not use it. BTW, the TU-X1’s AM section is a truly Rolls-Roys -like according to my tuner guys and it shell yield a very high performance. I juts do not care about the AM programming I have in Boston.

 peter foster wrote:
3.  Do you have an external AM aerial attached to the Sansui TU-X1 or are you relying on the inbuilt AM aerial (which I found unusable in our location)?  In my case, I was able to use my powerful AM antenna system to clearly identify one of the noise sources as a very distant AM broadcast even though the amplifier was switched to amplify the Sansui TU-X1's OUTPUT-1 VARIABLE FM or the OUTPUT-3 FIXED FM.  Weird.

So, you use AM section to identify the souse of interference? Interesting. The DAC it looks like tosses a lot of noise at wide bandwidth. I afraid that with AM region it might be different then in FM

 Antonio J. wrote:
Thanks for the detailed ferrite setup in your system. I'll try it that way and see what happens, hopefully I can keep the digital rig on (which is almost a requirement to have decent sound when starting listening to CDs) while listening to FM.

Not only that. I have all 6 active digital lines that come from my Linx card heavily ferreted as well.


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