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Post Subject: That's much more ferrite than I've usedPosted by Antonio J. on: 7/22/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Hm, this is interesting. I my case nether neither CEC nor Bidat affect other of the tuners. Lavrys do but not Bidat. Try to put ferrite on ALL Sansui inputs: antenna, power cord, output cables. I have 3 bids on each leg of power cord, 4 bids on combined power wires, one bid on each combined analog output and 12 bids on the combined antenna cable on the cable between the input jack and the entrance to front end.

My TU-1X do not acknowledge Bidat at all, ether the DAC is it locked of not.

The caT

Thanks for the detailed ferrite setup in your system. I'll try it that way and see what happens, hopefully I can keep the digital rig on (which is almost a requirement to have decent sound when starting listening to CDs) while listening to FM.


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