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Post Subject: Jerk’s replyPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/20/2007

 enjoy_the_music wrote:
Evening cats on the tiles,

What a great website...first post here, if i am supposed to post elsewhere then apologies!

Hopefully i can learn a lot here!


Richard, welcome.

If you fell that this site is “great” then it is because it has some educational value. The value of this site is in attempts of the posters to collaborate on the subject. It is a really simple: any posts within a thread tend to relate to the subject of the thread and all thread’s topics are related to the thyme the site:


You might post wherever you wish and whatever you wish as soon it bund to the thyme the site (new topics) or to subject of the thread (replies). BTW, Richard might I ask you what you post was about?

Richard, I do not want to sound like jerk (well I do not care to sound like jerk but let me to expanse now I understand it. People visit this (and other) site not in a search of friendship but because they are driven by an interest to a subject.  So let keep our small talk to minimum and keep the eyes on the ball:

If you feel that this thread has no values for this site then let me know and I will delete it.

I hope you understand where I am coming from.  If you, or I, or anyone else upload a post and the content of this post does not compile to be entered into a knowledge base then why that post was ever made?

Romy the Cat

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