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Post Subject: The ultimate buffer #2...?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/23/2006

If you remember it was the way how it started:    HELP: I’m a line-level looser.

Then there was this one: The ultimate buffer – light in the end of a tunnel

and course then it lead to the following: Reviewing preamps by imbeciles.

it is really insulting that it is so damn difficult to have an absolutely transparent buffer. The Guy Hammel buffer is absolutely transparent but it is “bitey”. Guy kindly agreed to supply his buffer in order to incorporate tem into “projects” but with $2K it is little but painful. For instance for the FM Time Delay that Dima was contemplating it would be necessary 4 buffers… So, I was bitching about a lock of absolutely transparent buffers and Dima said why you worry? Let me to built one.

Well, a couple days ago I received from Dima a prototype of his buffer. It has no gain – just an active SS follower with output impedance. Dima used in there his “signature Newton Bias” the similar that he uses in his Zarathustra hybrid amp. I hardly know what it is and I successfully resist all his attempts to make me to understand it. I decided that I will learn about it if the buffer will sound absolutely transparent.BR>

I built for it a PS and put it yesterday in use. It works. It is not transparent and has at this point some sonic imperfections and some musical blemishes. Most likely I will spend some efforts to get the best out of this buffer and will see if this design will be useable. I will be posting about the progress.

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