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Post Subject: The latest measurement and small changesPosted by kodomo on: 7/27/2016
Maybe, some people would be interested in what I am doing with my system. I have been continuously listening and sparsely making changes and letting them sink in. For now, I feel more settled and think the biggest obstacle for me in reaching the sound that I dream is primarily about the listening space. It is not bad but it is not the best suited one for my system. Space has the most potential for improvement.

I have reduced the internal volume of the back chamber of my upperbass horn with very thick and strong felt. 

I have been trying different relative attenuations on my channels, and now it has been set for over a month.

I have taken down the tapped horns 18db/oct crossover from 60hz to 30hz. This and the back chamber really taken bass to an even better experience.

Next thing I am going to do is, cover internals of the whole woofer boxes (except for the baffle) with felt lining. Although I can not hear any, I still I think it will be better as it is a vented box and higher frequencies may be bleeding through ports, it will also be good for lowering THD... By the way, the TAD TD-1601b's sound quite wonderful after some burn in. If I did not have the upperbass horn, they would easily match with the 200hz tractrix! Still the biggest improvement I had was the upperbass horn so it is not going anywhere.

Here is the latest SPL response from my listening spot. I am about 530cm away from acoustic centres of my speakers. If I move the mic closer to tweeter height, the treble extends and that bum around 10khz tames. I sit a little lower than tweeters, and I will fix that. This measurement is exactly from where my head is. You can see the rooms effects below 200hz, this will be solved by a new room...

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