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Post Subject: New frame and crossover experimentsPosted by kodomo on: 11/22/2015
While I am waiting for the attenuators I worked on the frame and changed it to a metal frame.

It is sturdy and height of the channels can be adjusted in both axis.

Romy, may I learn what your crossover points for your channels?

My midrange channel is begging me to cover between 640 to 3800 with a 6db crossover 1200 and 2000 respectively. It blends well with the jmlc1000, which covers up to 7400. I was expecting higher, but I just started playing around with it.

So for starters it looks like this now:
160-640 upperbass with supravox 285-2000 hornfabrik edition with 110hz tractrix
640-3800 midrange with Radian 850pb and 200hz tractrix
3800-7400 upper midrange with Radian 475be-pb and 1000hz jmlc
7400-20000 treble with Fostex t500amkII

Upperbass channel easily covers 160-640. I haven't yet finished the direct radiators. Its parts are cut, the drivers are here but I need to get it together and paint.

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