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Post Subject: The frame for Speedysteve7Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/2/2012

It looks like my “friend” from UK turned straight and made a frame for him horns:!&p=1149312&viewfull=1#post1149312

He converted his experiments to the only one possible configuration I insisted a few months back and made looks like a metal welded frame.  That is already something more interesting. Let analyze what is going on in there.

The bigger problem I recognize is that he revered MF and HF channels and does not understand it yet. It will come to him sooner or later as there are VERY MANY REASONS why in this configuration HF shall be above MF.

The frame itself is fine but I do not like the way how he hands the channels from frame’s horizontal beams. It is not that I do not like it but it is fundamentally wrong. You see what you suspend the channels on those straps then you have absolutely no ways to fixate then in space in firm position. If your MF channel will rotate for a few fractions of degree then you are out of time alignment. So, what is the purpose of that frame?

Also, as you can see at some other posts he had begun to add the round terminator to horns mouths. No one argue with that but the whole idea of conical horns flasher in toilet right the way, how it shall be. I do not think that he has in this installation room to do La Horns but it is his business…

I did not read the threads in there and I do not know what MF/HF drivers he use and where he cross them. However, based upon my uselessly very accurate intuition I feel that he crosses his HF very low and he needs to jack it up. Something suggests me that in couple months it will be exactly what he will be doing.

The Cat

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