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Post Subject: Regulator after the design phase?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/11/2011

…no one questions the usefulness of having a regulator and the ability to adjust voltage and current independently. However, it is necessary ONLY during a design phase and sine you have figure out the optimum operation point for a given tube then this advantage does not exist anymore in my view. As I told the advantage of flexibility is not a valid argument. If you found the right operation pint then drive the tube from regulator and from let say choke-regulated PS at the same operation point then this will be the valid argument of advantage one PS over another.

About the frequency response. You shall be able to get 5% of distortion at max power of 17W -20W but I think you transformation might not be able to do it, I might be wrong. The frequency response that we are talking about is not the frequency response that I care; it is not the “auditable” frequency but rather a circumstantial evidence about your transformer. If you have too soon roll off HF then the transformer has problems with sectioning and with capacitance (along with 25 another possible problems). If you have too soon roll off of bass then your transformer has not enough inductance. Sure you can grow inductance infinitely as it will result grow size and with the low turn you will not be able to fill the core with wire. So, generally with 6C33C driving 600R-900R (your numbers might wary) you have to be able to get with a very good transformer 20W at 5% and 17 kHz-22kHz.

With 40W your plate has too high impedance and you need with 40W 6C33C to drive at least 1200R-1400R of load…. Keep your voltage around 200V and current enough to have 50W-53W on plate. I drive Milq with 240V before choke and have around 195V loaded on plate. The midbass channels I drive with 290mA and 15R load. If I would not need to drive 15” woofers in my midbass horn then I would probably stay with sub 50W on plate and run the tube cooler.

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