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Post Subject: As I said, this was for future referencePosted by oxric on: 9/10/2011
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If I were you then I would not pursue for any amplifier and particularly DSET. If you are building the building a multi-way horn system but build it, drive it from whatever amplifier your have now, get a good sound and good setup of your multi-way in your room. It might take a year or so, then introduce anther, perhaps better amp and begin to evaluate how different amp might or might not benefit the sound of your setup.

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I hate being responsible for taking this thread away from its real subject, which is KoTriode's Melquiades effort and so will keep this brief.

I would only be looking to have this project started once I get the multi-way system up and running. I would like to find someone who can build the Full-range Melquiades first, and who would then be able to build the D-Set if I am happy enough with its sound and at the time aware of areas where I may wish to do better. I have drawn up a short-list of commercial and non-commercial tube amplifiers that I would like to listen to alongside the Melquiades once I manage to find someone who will build it for me.

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