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Post Subject: 6C33C amp measurementPosted by KOTriode on: 9/10/2011
With 6C33C output run at 40W plate dissipation, this amp run much hotter than an 845 amp with output tube running at 100W.  I measured the hottest point on the bulb and it is about 380F. I guess the due to short bottle , the heat spread on the chassis make it hotter than the tall 845 bottle.  I have to increase fan speed under each tube to cool it down, while on bench , I make some measurement on the amp. 
Frequency response at 1W: 10Hz @ -1.37db, 59.1Khz @ -3db. 20Hz @ -0.45db, 20Khz @ -0.3db                                10W: 20Hz @ -1.1db, 20Khz @ -0.3db.
This is excellent by SE standard and without negative feedback, better than any tube amp I ever built.
Picture below is square wave performance @ 1W, 100Hz, 1Khz, 10 Khz. The bottom trace is the amp input, the top trace is the amp output.
The last picture , the bottom trace show the grid input of the 6C33C at clipping , the top trace is the output of the amp, the 6C33C can't go into A2 as Romy mentioned.






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