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Post Subject: Goto prototype system developed on request 4/24/2010Posted by jessie.dazzle on: 7/24/2011
Jeno wrote:

"...It looks like the system John Sheerin developed..."

Clearly that IS the system. To see it, once having clicked on the link Jeno provided

you need to scroll all the way down to the box in the lower right corner; there you will find a series of links to images of the system being built, at various stages, as well as finished. Even if you don't agree with the design, there's some clever DIY going on here.

From the JHS Audio web site:

Goto prototype system developed on request - 4/24/2010
I designed and fabricated the back loaded bass cabinets,
the high frequency driver stands, the aluminum stand
and wooden cradle for the mid frequency horn, a
high frequency driver alignment guide to ease setup as well
as developing a 4 way passive crossover for the system.
Drivers used are the SG-160, SG-370DX, SG-570, and SG-38WNS.


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