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Post Subject: All Kings are Naked.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/24/2011

 twogoodears wrote:
I'm following with interest the thread and must say that I'm baffled: Goto's "instructions" are - SIMPLY said - a mix between non-existent and wrong... I love what Goto's did in my system... BUT I think I did more with "my own" care, "my own" taste, "my own" pushing the jump-bar ahead, being curious and never content of the "ownership", per se, BUT playing as a cook with a kitchen table full of great ingredients... a starting point to prepare a nice dish.

An home grown tomato can be as tasty and classy as a gourmet, super-expensive plate and... let me say: Goto or whatever are - ALWAYS - a starting point and there's absolutely no guaranty of successful results, period.

Me too, four years ago, I was (wrongly) feeling me as arrived at the harbour... i.e. - hey, I own Goto... BUT, I learned, it was the beginning of a trip, not yet finished: RTA, new studio and speakers positioning, diaphragms alignment, digital time alignement and room correction...

My best luck was knowing of and meeting Franz Hinterlehner from Austria, a dedicated, no frills, knowledged and super-serious tech-head, who - as Roman pointed out - is able to properly measure and talk about hertz and decibels and related... not as a pub-chatting but finalized to a musically coherent and satisfying result.

Like when a cook looks at the ingredients and the plate isn't ready, yet... the same a LOT OF attention and knowledge is needed.

The "Goto's instructions" made me deluged, almost angry... Mingsu and every Goto user around simply repeated a dogma - parrot-like - since the times of "Royal Sound/Goto", back in the '70s.. 1st order/2nd order and "those" foolish frequencies cut-offs... BLAME on them!

Franz and myself - while working at my system - discovered mixed, bad and extremely good, things, while dealing with my Gotorama: the SG-570BL with S-150 horn mid-low isn't good between 100 or 150 (the horn name;-)) or 400 hz with a.m. crossover and cut-off frequencies... it's - in my (small) room -  250 hz 4th order low pass and 1200 high-pass 1st order... and the distortion is an AWESOME 0,06% (!!!) at 1000 hz, with 112,8 db/W/m sensitivity, so - unbelivable, and VERY near to specs... also it's pure BS "that" 5000 hz for the poor SG-16TT... my own SG-160BL is - after careful measuring and computer rendition and fiddling, crossed at 7000 (1st order) with S-600/SG-370DX-BL... at 5000 hz there was a deeeep valley and a lot of TacT's digital  correction needed...

... but, hey... it's my system, room, tastes and ears!

I (now) absolutely know that it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to tune a three or a four ways system - any make - by ear and that, in this VERY case, DIYing can be a very boring, unsatisfying and extremely expensive way to go...

I'm sincerely glad "we" (someway) all contributed to loudly say - "The Kings are Naked!" - i.e. as Mingsu would say;-) - a Lamborghini doesn't make a Schumacher, a Goto (or Vitavox or ALE or WE or Kanno or G.I.P.) doesn't make - per se - a great system... a piled bunch of drivers on a bass box isn't a top system (also my fault for years...): it's someway organized, maybe pleasant, "noise"- BUT not shivers-making "music"... same happens when I press " bypass" push-button on TacT's remote... "What?!?! I was listening to this shit?"

Strangely, it reminds when - a couple of years ago - I had some serious kidneys disease... ONLY when I was cured and out of the hospital, I understood how bad I was, before... it's quite elusive and dangerous stuff: audio-wise, I suggest to do not buy or sell anything 'til you'll do your homeworks (RTA and the like) or - if technically flawed like yours truly - to find your personal "Franz Hinterlehner"... I sincerely wish you the last evenience. Tuyen;-)
Great post, Stefano. What I would like to add is that the division of audio thing on Kings and Peasant is a purely artificial invention of from people who do audio trade and it is commonly known that those people are no blessed with understanding of royalty. Again, it is very much not ageist of Goto or any other drives. It is against the idiocy that in the eyes of a common typical Goto users substitute reality. It is like Tanaka San said: “Goto do not need to time align”. Any other driver need but Gotos do not and the green color of the drivers bends the rule of physics and common sense, not to mention the listening experience… The truth is that despite all that ignorant saliva dripping by some individuals around  Goto the true capacity, cons and prose of the Goto drivers are not yet been exposed.

The Cat

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