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Post Subject: Another reasonable article about Wilsons and more....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/27/2005

Mr. Richard Hardesty has published recently on his site an article on the similar subject.

I would in a way agree with his findings and observations. However, I would not agree that the needs to argue with the reviewers and partially regarding the smaller Wilsons as the smaller Wilson speakers (smaller then Grand Slam and Alexandria) do NOT deserve ANY attention at all. Some of the problems that Richard mentioned are resolved with the largest Wilsons, though the largest Wilsons have issues on thier own.

I would like to live the largest Wilsons alone and ask what makes people to buy all those Sophias, Maxxes, Watt-Popyes and there rest of the Wilson smaller line. I have heard countless installations with sampler Wilsons and all of them were horrible, not to mention that each single small Wilsons owner with whom I have opportunely to talk about audio expressed views of an complete audio-idiot (from my perspective).  I am not kidding: none of the were to understand how much off the wall sound they are getting. When I was asking them what made them to bring those small Wilsons in thier rooms then they reached some older audio magazines with circulated by colored markers paragraphs and replied: “Look, Romy, the Mr. Framer loves my new buy and he said that if I buy the Sophias then I could feel a leg of my beloved Patricia Barber right in my hand.”

I mean the objective and the references of those people are so primitive that it scares. I have local guy recently who bought a pair of small Wilsons. I was warring him against it informing that he will have huge amount of problems and no results but there are not entry points ingot the brains of audiophiles.  The audio magazines readers do not understand what fundamental and resolvable misery the forth-order vented fart-machines can do with sound. They have also no ability to sense an auditable result during the test auditioning, not to mention that there the is no properly set up and performing Wilson dealer installation in entire US (!!!) So, what my local guy got after all? As any other smaller Wilson buyer: he was raped by completely ignorant but “certified” Wilsons dealers, left them many thousands dollars and got in his room a big problem with no sound. However, he enlarged his self-viewed audio pines for a 1/2 inch and become “more valuable” for the socializing with another audio freaks who have no sense of reasoning or identity.

I, being much more radical in audio then most of audio people out there, wonder how long Audio people will tolerate this abuse by the industry. It is know that most of the audio complains do not have extensive marketing recourses and the printing audio propaganda IS THE external marketing departments for the most of the audio manufactures. So, might this fitly audio machinery to be hold responsible for anything that they do?

I wonder: we return badly performing merchandise; we sue for false advertising and malpractice, and in some third countries we have a tradition that if some psycho did not like the service that he got and had no reimbursement then he show up at the door of the salesman next days with a rocket propelled grenade launcher…. So, can we, the civilized Americans, to take care about our own needs to have our audio industry to serve us in a respectable way?

Romy the Cat

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