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Post Subject: GOTO at CAF 2010 and will also be there again in CAF 2011Posted by MINGSU on: 2/10/2011

That was the 4 way system designed by John Sheerin using GOTO drivers on my request.  The tweeter is GOTO 160 with S3000 horn xover at 5kHz.  The high mid is GOTO SG370DX with S600 horn xover at 1kHz-5kHz.  The low mid is GOTO 505TT with S150 horn xover at 200Hz - 1kHz.  The bass use two GOTO SG38WNS woofer in a back-loaded horn.  The system run with a 4 way passive crossover also designed by John Sheerin.  The alternative choice of bass is to use same cabinet but with GPA 416-8B woofer, of course, the crossover will need to be modified to run with GPA 416-8B woofer.  Some update.  I am in the process of re-design the support stand for the S150 horn.

BTW - there was no digital xover used at CAF2010.  That was a LCR phono preamp display unit.  I belive it was the power supply chassis in the picture of your link.

For this 4 way speaker system that shown in your link, my goal is to create a turn-key plug-n-play horn speaker system that use GOTO driver.  The size has to be small enough to fit into most listening room - 48"x28"x40' (WxDxH of the bass cabonet) and that is why I choose to use BLH for the 200Hz down. 

FYI -  I am working on another FLH design with double woofer but the size will be much bigger for most listen room - 50"x65"x55" (WxDxH).

But for CAF 2011, I am going to show a prototype 3 way horn system using Feastrex, GOTO and PD2150 driver.  Still working on it and hope to complete it before the July CAF.
It will be very similar to the Oris horn setup but with different horn profile and use different driver.  200Hz up will be FLH. 200Hz down will be PD2150 woofer in OB U-frame.  The goal of this system is to provide a less expensive model for a turn-key plug-n-play system.  Small enough to fit small listen room but can also fit 25'x20'x9' room.

Come down for the CAF in July and you can judge it for yourself in person.

As for my own listening room setup, I am running out of space so everything have to compromise by the available space that I have.  I do have a LMF horn that cover 200Hz down to 70Hz but the position of the horn were limited by the available space of my listen room.

As for the sound, I enjoy it and so are many of my visitors.  It is not perfect but with the limited space that I have, I think it is the best solution that I can have.

Love to hear your system someday!


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