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Post Subject: New show in US, some new horns...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/8/2011

It looks like DC people found for themselves a new audio show, it call Capital Audiofest

I am sure the West Wing Preamplifier, Capitol Hill LP cleaning fluid and Supreme Court cable elevator are coming…
What I am interested in audio has not a lot of to do with audio shows. Audio shows are ways to sell not the ways to demonstrate Sound, unfortunately. Still, for people who have interest in horn the audio shows are good opportunity to look at the pictures and to see what people are trying to do out there.

So, let look what the Capital people offers at their show last summer. There were two horn systems.

“Aspara Acoustics Speakers in the High Water room.

As I understand High Water is a distributor who brings to US different European finds. 

Aspara Acoustics us UK company, that does “no compromise solution for the serious and dedicated listener”:

It is 2 way with 800Hz crossover point with absolutely idiotic MF horn. Yes, they claim “incorporate advanced audio research and horn technology” but my experience with horn suggests that the Aspara MF horn deserves to be stuck in the ass of the horn designer. This distributed CD horn with peripheral edges is a clear indication that “nobody home” in the head of people behind the Aspara Acoustics.

There was Goto room, as I understand by Ming Su, USA Goto distributor.

It is 4 ways with semi-dipole , I do not know how crossed, but I do not see a digital crossover on the shelves.  I do not like this setup. It is too contrived and not elegant.  The system screams about absence of a proper MF horn. I can see efforts that Ming spent to put it together but it is not there yet. He needs to do more sketching, moiré modeling different idea and preferably to stay as far as possible from Goto own ideas how design systems and how use horns with this drivers – Goto own design ideas are absolutely retarded.

There is however a good sign that I see in Goto demonstration at Capital Audiofest. It looks like Ming Su stopped idiotic marketing Goto drivers as some kind of Robb Report Jewelry and is trying to assumable some kind demonstrable system and to show off his drivers. This is a good sight in my view. I still would take a properly assembled playback with 2440 driver instead of a pile of wrongly used Goto drivers but the knowledge (or more important the understanding) how to make the whole thing work together does not come right the way. Ming Su home setup with his large midbass horn looks absentminded and ridicules. This Capital Audiofest’s setup is not fur from there but it is an indication that Ming is looking at different options. Let see what it will lead him to. So far among ANY of Gotot installations among those that I have see publish on web I found none of them were stimulating from design idea. I do not know why but I have feeling that Ming Su begins to undusted it. I wonder, if Cessaro designer had objective to use Goto drivers then what he will end up with? Acals I know the answer, and it is time for Mr. Su to “get” it.

The Cat

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