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Post Subject: Where to find mica sheets?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/13/2010

Last week since the PP2000 did not work I was trying to put the Dima’s Avicenna Regenerator together. It did not sound right even in it’s best time but at least I have full control over it and I can do something with it. The reason the Avicenna Regenerator generator was abandon was that 2008 version of PP2000 did so well that I had no need for other options. (BTW my idea of motor-generator was abandoned foe the same reasons). Since the PP2000 begin to give difficulties and I do not know how long it will take for PurePower to fix the problem: 

I think to put the Avicenna back to service. Now I kind of slowly am putting it back together. Two year back I order a custom male last heat sink that was done and now I need to mount the Avicenna board on the new 1000W heat sink.  I have problem with it. I need to decouple the Avicenna’s thik copper plate from all transistors that I will mount on it but I do not like to use the individual mica or silicon cut-off pads that people sell anywhere. I would like to have a sheet of 0.2mm mica to lie atop of my 1” copper plate and then to mount the thing above mica.

2 years back I knew sources that supply mica sheets but now they are gone. I fond mica sheets in Poland and India but I need something in US that can be shipped right the way. Is anyone who do soldering knows any supply house that care mica sheets? I would need a sq foot that I would make from 2-4 sheets. Any pointers are appreciated…

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