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Post Subject: It is time for you to demonstrate your horny solidarityPosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/10/2010

I hate Italians. They do the best women in the world; they have one of the best cuisines in the world; they use one of the best languages in the world but they still where shamelessly eliminated in the first round of the 2010 World Cup. Assholes! From another side the people who read the site like mine are not divided or united by nationality but rather by meaningless and  audio topologies: SET people, PP people, horn people, silver wire people, single-driver people, wooden tonearm people, Patricia Barber people… etc and etc and etc…

So, the freaks that use horn loading – one of the little brothers of yours is in troubles and presumably might use your help. Some of you know Stefano Bertoncello as Twogoodears. He runs a blog:

--where he shared his unfortunate thoughts about audio. The Twogoodears moniker is a bit misleading as Stefano has no ears at all and runs his horn time-misaligned. Still, even for this hard violation of horn conduct he does not deserve the punishments that Got send to him this time. Usually if person practice audio but deaf and stupid then after his departure to another world God send him to Audio Hell. In the audio Hell the reincarnated deadbeat become an industry professional and each day in Hell become the January 10; when the deadbeat to the rest of the days sit in the stinky CES hotel and play the same tune to a dozen idiots in the room. However, this time God was a prick and he send a great flood to North Italy:

…that looks like flooded the Stefano household.

Sure, Stefano deserves some God punishment as he has dog but not Cat. But the problem is that this flood punishment had very unpredicted consequences to Stefano’s payback.  After the flood the Twogoodears’ audio is silent, not even that – there is absolute silence in the Stefano’s home. Formerly Twogoodears tuned his audio to the voice of his wife but after the flood the wife turned soundless. The problem is that flood ruined the family dishes and glasses and without it the wife is silent like fish. It is little known fact outside of Italian families that Italian women are talking by crashing dishes. A good Italian woman instead of saying to you “How was your day, honey” send to your direction a projectile dish accompanied with 2 glasses, all of them ironically made and ornamented in south France. Since the dishes and glasses are gone the Twogoodears’ wife is sitting all day long on her wet sofa and silently cries about his verbal incapacity.  As the result Twogoodears has no reference point upon which to celibate VTA or to adjust volume on his tweeters.

So, I think you, the horn loaded freaks can help a bit in this situation. Tonight you will go to your local Italian store, spending $50 to buy for your stupid dog some nice wild boar prosciutto. Do not feed your dog with it, give him a can food and send $50 to Twogoodears to buy new dishes for his wife. You need to look at the things from a perspective. Face it, you are fat and ugly and literally you are one hot dog away from a hard attack. So, today, instead of going to lunch to eat your dally crap and living in the café your next $25 you might skip the lunch and to send those $25 to Twogoodears. So, I call to everyone to demonstrate a random act of kindness and send to the family that in the verge of collapsing whatever you can. I promise you that you will feel very good about yourself for the next 3 second after you click the donate button on the Twogoodear’s site. The 3 second of feeling yourself better is much more pleasant then 2 hours of feeling yourself bad your typical lunch – so, your money will do more good in North Italy then in your hands.

The alternative is truly horrible. The Twogoodear would need to find a new wife and the only available girls that do not break dishes are Chinese women. They would tolerate anything to make own man to feel good but try to tune those stupid GOTO drivers to the Chinese 5-tone scale! No, let send to Twogoodear some money, let him to buy back some dishes for the Italian wife and to the GOTO myth doing….

Come on, people, this is just money!

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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