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Post Subject: A cartridge while we are working?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/30/2009


I am sorry, I know very little about Benz cartridges but I was wondering what heck you do for living that you are able 6 hours a day spin records while you in the office. Are you getting paid for listening and changing the records? Or are you a pilot for Northwest airline? :-)

I do have sometime this option and I kind of differentiate between working cartridge and listening cartridge.  I generals tend to listen CD or frequently FM while I am working from home and if I do spin LP then I do not use “better” needle. I have a dedicated arm with $300 cartridge with “cheaper” version of phonostage and I use THAT to play records while I am working. This Benz Gullwing about which I know nothing – is it for some kind of “while I am working “type of listening or it is a full blown serious cartridge that will go into your reference arm?

Unless I am in working in some kind of music-related research I would not see why I would go with my better needles while I am typing or taking with somebody on phone. Sure, we all have different jobs; I guess I would like to have yours….

Rgs, the Cat

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