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Posted by Paul S on 01-17-2009
Violinists: If Leonia's violin and bow were up for auction, which would you want the most?

Here is LK playing Mozart's Violin Concerto #3 in G maj., K.216; Philharmonia Orchestra, Otto Ackermann conducting.

Also, Prokofiev, Violin Concerto #2 in G minor, Op. 63; LSO, Basil Cameron conducting.

No "performance bleedthrough" here!  LK brings careful consideration to each piece.  His fingering and bow work are astounding, but only in terms of a certain precision that is never "dead", but always serves the music in a forthright way.

Both orchestras and both conductors also serve the music quite well.

The Mozart is nice without being "precious".

The Prokofiev is very easily destroyed.  Here it becomes an important work of art.


The recording is Angel 35344.  The mono recording is excellent, apart from the usual Angel "coffe can" reverb and +/- surfaces, neither of which bother me with good VTA and decent electricity.

Paul S

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