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Topic: Depicting and Visualizing Sound

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 01-10-2010

I do not mean visualizing the sound waves or music, that is a relatively smile task. What I mean is a visualizing of Sound. To depict sound is very finical; it is like depicting of wind, did you see any good attempts?

I was sent to an Asian site that has many pictures from CES 2010. I was numbly looking at the pictures and I asked myself – if one room at that show has better sound and another room has worse sound then is any ways to convey the sonic difference via visual associative imagery? No one does it and I did not see anybody ever did it in Audio.  10 years back I took an attempt to do it via language.

it might be funny but there was very non-funny element in my association – over the rears many people with different experienced commented how distinctly recognizable the description were.  What I find might be interesting is to find a way to communicate not caricaturistic description of sound but the actual visuals association of sound.   How to depict Sound?

One of the best my own deeds in this direction was my depicting of the Sound of Lamm LP2 phonostage

However, it is not only about LP2’s Sound but also about other LP2-related events. It would be very nice to have a way to convey visually just pure conviction of Sound.

The famous Maxwell photograph from the 1970’s captures the idea and their famous falling glass and spilling water had became a classic of audio advertising.

But Maxwell did it one-dimensional and about a relatively simple subject. Is it possible to make visual imagery to reflect Sonic particulars and nuances?Romy the Cat

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