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Topic: About playback and message personalization.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-08-2009

I kind am debating it with myself for a last few months. What I discovered that a playback has an ability to moderate musical sensations from being very intimate and extremely personal to being very public and wide-declarative.

Sometimes I listen a musical peace and I might get a “singular sensations” and this sensation has a feeling that only I got it. In fact the illusion of the intimacy is so high that I feel a pride that the ONLY I recognize the significant of message. Or course it is not the case in realty but I am talking about the very raw and very subconscious initial perception. This feeling of pride and self-importance because my own ability of grasp what I sense is essential if a very vital part of listening experience. It brings in me an unintentional feeling that I am a holder of a unique secret the no one else knows about.

Sometimes I listen a musical peace and I might get a “singular sensations” and this sensation has a feeling that it was very much universals message and I got it along with other people. Then it gives me a pride that I was one of those who recognize the significant of message.

Those two “sometimes” might be the same piece and the same performance. Those “sometimes” might wary from specific interpretation of the music by a performer but they ALSO different from the efforts of playback and this is VERY interesting. I do not insists that one “sometimes” is preferable then other but to have an option to moderate the level of message personalization I think is a one of many valuable audio tools

I do have SOME ideas how it work but I am debating how to setup playback in order to reach the level of personalization neutrality. The problem that I see is that I am very compulsive in what I listen. It I want the message to be sublimely personal with string feeling that it was ONLY me then I would like it to go all the way. I want make it as ridiculous and to have a temptation to show a middle finger to the world after I got the message. If I would like to make the message wider then I want it to make sound as it had been consumed but billions minds. Perhaps I am an extremist but, hey …it is what it is – juts another word to label many of my illness.

So, I kind of debating what is the middle ground for playback’s message personalization.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

PS: Written while listening the Starker’s Bach Suites… I need to stop doing it...

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